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By Ashlin Cook

A sit-down with one of our rescue partners, Pours 4 Paws!

While taking a look at our website or reading the story on the back of our treat bags, you may have noticed that 3% of our proceeds go to local rescues. We take pride in donating to rescues. There are so many loving animals that deserve a forever home and a loving family. But where are these donations truly going? We sat down with the founder of Pours 4 Paws, Leah Hill, to talk about what her organization does and why it is important to support! Continue reading for the full interview with one of our favorite partners: 

What is Pours 4 Paws all about? 

Pours 4 Paws is all about providing a fun and engaging opportunity to provide education around animal rescue, as well as provide financial support to rescue organizations. As members of both communities, it’s about bridging the gap and joining forces with what is (in our opinion) some of the best community out there. We host events in anticipation of a need as well as to address a need. We can only do this with our wonderful spirits partners. We’ve held some really fun events ranging from blanket drives to address the need in a rural shelter to hosting a puppy pool day at a local brewery to provide an animal rescue with a transport van to get animals to the Denver area and on to their forever homes!


What is the mission of Pours 4 Paws?

The mission of Pours 4 Paws is to provide an educational and financial resource concerning animal rescue in the Denver community. In addition to providing a low pressure resource for animal rescue questions, also aim to provide financial support to animal rescues so that they can continue to do what they do best! Too often we see animal rescues that need to stop operations to begin fundraising efforts and we hope to alleviate some of that. 100% of the funds that come into Pours 4 Paws go directly to local rescues that use the funding for needs including transport, medical, basic needs (dog food, blankets, etc.), or any of the other financial constraints that come into rescue. 

What was the inspiration for you wanting to start Pours 4 Paws?

The inspiration for Pours 4 Paws came from the desire to support the rescue community outside of fostering. Everyone on our board works full time, so this is a way we can continue to give back when we can’t do things like foster. We also saw an opportunity to really partner with both local rescues and the local imbibing community. For one reason or another, these connections were often falling through and there’s no better combination in Colorado than your pup by your side and a good brew! 

How can people help the cause / follow what you all are doing / attend events?

Anyone interested in getting involved with Pours 4 Paws specifically can contact us through our website, We are also happy to answer any questions on how to get involved as a volunteer with a rescue organization. You can also find us on Facebook and instagram with Pours 4 Paws!

Now that you know where that 3% is going and how Pours 4 Paws works to see a rise in pet adoption, be sure to check out their website and follow them on social media! And remember adopting is a wonderful option :) 





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