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Grass-fed, Grass-finished

Most beef is grass-fed and then finished with grains and alfalfa before processing to bulk up the animals. We work with bison ranches that graze through-out their lifes providing more benefit to the environment and more nutrition to your pups. Click below to learn more! 

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We have committed to working with our local, family farms in Colorado whenever possible. We work with our bison, organic applesauce, carrots, zucchini, and honey farms right here in Colorado. 

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All of our treats are certified Human-grade. This means all our ingredient sources follow manufacturing practices and use ingredients fit for human consumption. If we won't eat it, we won't give it to your pup! 

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My two babies, Buey & Cuey absolutely love the bison turmeric jerky! I got it for them because it’s so healthy and has turmeric in it, and they’re getting older ☹️
Thanks so much for making these great treats!


The bison jerky made nail trimming with my 14 year old german shepherd a breeze!  As a trainer, I've spent a ton of time desensitizing her to nail trims and although she will tolerate it, she has never learned to love it. 

I've never seen such compliance and willingness in this process as I did when I used your jerky.  I think if she could've done backflips for it, she would have.  Thanks for making my life easier (and my dogs) with such a quality product


My dog, Kalie, absolutely loves the treats I recently bought for her! After hearing about the company, I thought why not surprise my dog with some good, high-quality treats. After seeing the way Kalie reacted to the treats I had to contact you all! 

I've never seen her go crazy for treats before in the past like she did for the Carrot Doggie Treats and the Bison Burger Jerky Treats!

Jaren G.

My pup loves these treats! We usually pick them up at the local farmers market and it’s definitely her favorite stop. My favorite is that they are made with quality ingredients that I can trust - and we’re able to support a local business!

Melissa G.

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