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Two pups, a food truck & a mission to take the mystery out of pet treats...

Winnie Lou, founded in 2018, began as a food truck for dogs in Boulder, CO. Our journey began by uniting pups, their parents, and the cleanest pet treats through a sense of fun and community.

The namesakes of our company, Winston & Louis, our two dogs, are why we formed a relationship back in 2017. We fell in love with each other's dogs and then with each other.

Winnie Lou is on a mission to take the mystery out of treating your pets by creating and selling transparent, healthy pet treats to pets all over.

  • 2018

    In 2018, Winnie Lou began as a food truck for dogs. Inspired by our dogs, Winston and Louis, we wanted to create treats that pet parents can trust. With that mission, we sourced all of our ingredients at the Boulder Farmers Market and I (Ashlin) began making them myself, in small batches, out of a commissary kitchen. I drove the food truck around to breweries, dog parks, farmers markets, anywhere where we could sell our treats!

  • 2019

    In 2019, we started selling in our first group of pet stores. This was an important next stage for Winnie Lou so that we could continue to get clean treats into more homes throughout the country.

  • 2020

    This was the year that Winnie Lou started to grow up! We updated our packaging and were able to secure our first full-time, private kitchen space. We were able to make treats more hours of the day and bring in our first piece of equipment to ramp up production capacity for our treats!

  • 2021

    Launched with some really exciting retail partners across the country! Brought to life new products like our Bison Marrow Bones, Elk Jerky, and Bison Liver Bites!

  • 2022

    Moved into our own commercial manufacturing facility and office (where we still are today). We now have the capacity, the power, and the employees to supply clean treats to pets all over the country!

    & 2022 was the year we launched our cat treats!

Our Evolution


  • Ashlin Cook

  • Dean Frankel

Our Executive Taste-testing team

  • Winston

  • Louis

  • Bugsy