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By Ashlin Cook

We are Winnie Lou. Welcome to our World.

Welcome to Winnie Lou, we are SO HAPPY you're here! This little company was something we had been dreaming up for quite some time and we can't believe it's finally happening. 

We'd love to have a long elaborate story to tell you and an "ah-ha moment" that sparked the idea for Winnie Lou, but the truth is we just love dogs (but like really, really love them). Dogs are how we met, they are what makes us happiest, and we wanted to take our entrepreneurial passions and mix them with our passion for our furry friends. 

When starting Winnie Lou, we set out to do something different. We didn't just want to open another pet store. We didn't want to carry the "basics". We wanted to provide an experience and operate in FUN settings. We wanted to be special and carry products that made you AND your pup feel special. Which is how we landed on our food truck and mobile shop for dogs!

Coming from the fashion industry, I (Ashlin) have always had an eye for special products and been a perfectionist and fan of having every aspect of life be aesthetically pleasing. That includes my dog's bowls, leashes, toys and everything in between. I loved the idea of creating an awesome and unique food truck just for dogs, while also being able to run a pop-up shop carrying really cool, specialty products.

Dean, who still works in the battery and electric vehicle industry, was also pretty pumped about the idea. He was adamant that we didn't use a generator, and we are happy to say our trailer is powered by a solar + battery system.

We combined our passions and strengths to create something that we are really proud of that makes us feel good. An environmentally friendly trailer. A menu full of organic and local food/treats that keep our pups feeling their best. And products that appeal to both our dog's lifestyle and our personal style. Welcome and we can't wait for you to experience Winnie Lou with your best friend!


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